Slide START SCROLLING Enabling Visions.

Strategic Focus

We invest in startups that help
energy providers to improve the world

Slide VISIONS Digitalization Digitalization is the key to creative solutions and allows us to share our knowledge in real-time.

We love to enhance and deploy solutions developed by startups that follow a clear vision to fundamentally improve the way we produce and consume energy.

Slide OUTLOOK Smart City We strongly believe in technologies that promise to improve daily life for city dwellers of all ages by enabling a higher degree of societal participation, independence and self-determination.

While autonomous vehicles, truly smart buildings and homes, advanced digital health and elderly care services may still be ‘a few years away’, we see it as part of our mission to shorten that time horizon together with you!

Slide EFFICIENCY Energy smartworks is building a large-scale platform to pool the forces and resources of visionaries, experts and companies in order to tackle the challenges of future energy supplies. We are on track toward forward-looking decentralized heating, cooling and energy concepts with a strong focus on decarbonization. Real-time meter data don‘t just make customers` homes smarter, they also offer the key to more flexible dynamic pricing models.